September 2, 2020
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Top 6 Career Tech Trends to Learn in 2020

2020 Tech Trends: The pace of evolution of technology is too fast. Its mean that prepare yourself updated with advance tech trend which enhance your capacity and capability to produce maximum output with accuracy in future.

Although it is very tough for tech base careers to change their selves with the pace of tech trends evolves. It’s important to update your skills on advance 2020 tech trends.

top 6 tech trends in 2020

With the advancement in technology in day by day, the workplaces are changing frequently. Technologies like robotics, natural language processing and chatbots are enhancing the experience of customer, building up efficiencies and reduce the cost.

They are performing the tasks for human being, creating new jobs and managing the responsibilities for mankind. Each professional should know these six careers which are defining the technical trends.

Natural Language Processing

It is the ability of machine to read and understand the language like human and act based on information provided.

It also helps in performing the daily basis tasks and every business should implies this technology on their own business process. Communication barrier between Company and customers can be break down by Conversational interfaces.

For instance, it will make flexible and easier to manage the language barriers and do business with others across the globe. It will also helpful in creating efficiencies and better customer experience.

Computer Vision

The segment of AI which enables the machines to analyze the visual data and make decisions regarding visual input which is called computer vision. By using this skill, machines can verify, classify and identify the objects better than human beings in some cases.

Computer vision used in many applications like health care, in autonomous vehicles and in many other industries. When companies use this technology, it will create new task for mankind in the workplace.


Are you ready for robotic co-worker? This reality is often commonplace in industrial world. There are many business ventures who are developing robots to help the mankind in many ways, from being companion for the citizens to deliver the specific products.


Robots can support human in many ways like giving advice, mechanical muscle and at some other places. Robots can work more efficiently and safely in the workplaces.

With some open standards for robots there are many organizations as well as individuals have ability to deploy and develop the robots by using open source tools like as Amazon’s AWS RoboMaker platform.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is advance shape of tech trends to transform reality in new perspective. It can be defined as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality which will merge the virtual and physical worlds.

It is on growing market and will reach to $209 billion by year 2022. There are some applications used in practical life like training of customers to buy in retail and marketing campaign for any industry.

If the challenges faced by full-scale adoption are overcome for extended reality in terms of implementation cost, privacy, hardware and technical issues.

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are self-driven vehicles technology without any human aid. These vehicles will come soon on our roads.

Autonomous vehicles

The biggest application of this (tech trends) type of vehicles is Mercedes Ben’s Arocs which are semi-autonomous trucks which will transport the goods on highways. We can also expect this technology will change the life of human being and alter the vehicles models which are currently using.

Some experts said that these vehicles will enable the people to do not use their own personal car. Self-driving taxi and Ridesharing will change our daily life.

Smart assistance and chatbots

Many people are familiar with the online chatbots and smart assistants. The virtual smart assistants can understand the language spoken and help us to complete the task by using user input, accessing the information online and awareness of location. It is often referred as conversational agents.

These tools are helpful for companies to deliver a good experience by customer, streamline services and free the mankind to perform other tasks.