September 4, 2020
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The top 10 learning Tech Skills Will Be Focused in 2020

top 10 tech skills in 2020

Tech skills become most popular subject for every one, who have an eye on future careers. However, with the increasing rate for workers having advance technical skills, mostly companies are trying to put maximum resources in sense of recruiting the specific talent to compete with others across the globe.

 It simply means that employees are agree, to spend time in developing the technical skills which may have the upper-hand in landing the most wanted roles.

But with the rapid increase in the technology trend, it become difficult to identify which skill sets are most important to succeed in different fields. One possible way is to understand how people are spending time in learning new skills online like Udemy.

After taking the survey of 40 million users, it reveals that people are learning the programming & tech skills like Python. Some people are also interested in learning data sciences and Artificial Intelligence.

The vice president Shelley Osborne, learning at Udemy told to CNBC Make It that technical courses are more robust, and some introductory courses are also beneficial to those who never have worked in technical field.

She means that we all know some concepts are getting more importance to executive and leaders who are keen to learn the business sense by using data sciences in better way.

As it is easier for the companies to sort out data. Interpreting the data sets by workers is becoming more important. A survey conducted by LinkedIn showed that data science jobs are getting famous in USA now a days.

The leader of content marketing at Udemy told CNBC Make it that organizations are trending towards data science and by using the Artificial Intelligence, one become able to analyze and process the data.

Hiring management is also suffering to fill the roles which require the skills used in software development like JavaScript, Python, AI, Cloud Computing and Microsoft Business Intelligence.

Here is report from iCMIS 2019, a recruitment software showed that a company tool 55 days to fill out a technical post in 2016. But in 2019, it has been increased to 66 days. These unfilled roles loss in $680 revenue per day per vacancy.

Here are the most popular technical skills of year 2020.

python technology


Python is a programming language and particularly that type of tech skills which is mostly used in software development, data analysis and in infrastructure.


It is front end web frame work which is based on Java Script and it is open source


It is Java Script library which is mainly used for user interfaces


It is used to create software packages known as containers and it is also open-source


It is Python based web framework which is open source and easily available at free of cost

Machine Learning

It is study of statistical models and algorithms

Amazon AWS

It is a certification which authenticates the cloud expertise

Deep Learning

It is machine learning language based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

React Native

It is mobile application which is created by Facebook, it is open source framework. It is used to develop the apps for iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform and Web.


It is professional technical organization which has 4 IT certification series varies from entry level to expert.